CNC Toolkit

CNC Toolkit - Multi-Axis Creative Machining

5-axis moving ganty router incorporaing bi-rotating head.
Working Area: X -1200mm Y - 575mm Z - 575mm A, B, C - 360 degrees

Fully coordinated 3D motion of upto 6 axes driven by Mach3

All toolpaths generated by CNC Toolkit


3D Curve tracing - Video on YouTube

The Spindle is attatched to the B-axis.
The B-Axis is attatched to the to the C-axis.
The C axis is attatched to the Z-axis.

5 Axis Head - Video on YouTube

6th Axis (the A-axis) added to router to enable rotary machining.
Videos of 6th Axis, Clip 1, Clip 2

Pre-Visualization and design.
Interactive QuickTime Virtual Reality Video.

Below, first test cuts in high density foam. Download a short video of cutting in progress.
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Prototype Tilt/Swivel Head