CNC Toolkit

CNC Toolkit - Multi-Axis Creative Machining

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Visit Danny's site at cnc4free for an excellent manual on the CNC Toolkit

Conventions Used Throughout

The 'Right Hand Rule' convention is used throughout:-
Take your right hand, make a fist, point your thumb in the positive direction of an axis, the direction of your fingers gives you the positive direction of rotation around that axis

Tool Offsets are the distance between the tool tip and the pivot point of the corresponding rotary axis

5Axis Mill with
A rotary table sits vertically on the mill table
The Spindle pivots on the B-Axis which is attatched to the Z-Axis

5Axis Mill
The workpiece rotates on the C-Axis which rotates on the A-Axis

5Axis Gantry Router
The Spindle is attatched via the B-Axis to the C-Axis to the Z-Axis

5Axis Vertical Router
The workpiece sits on a rotating platten.