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The CNC Toolkit

CNC Toolkit

Multiaxis CNC / CAM extension for 3DS MAX, GMAX and Autodesk VIZ

The CNC Toolkit is a plugin/script to create, edit and export full 5-Axis 3D contouring toolpaths for use with multiaxis CNC equipment.

Although primarily developed and tested under 3DS MAX, the CNC Toolkit also works with Autodesk's VIZ and GMAX, which share the same core code.
GMAX is a free, limited version of MAX, but it can still use most of the CNC functions. The primary limitation of GMAX is no file export, although you can manually copy and paste the G-Code commands from the program's script listener to an external file approx. 10,000 characters at a time. Download GMAX here.

The CNC Toolkit is available for download from the files section of
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Also download some more tutorials and files from the same site.

See SUPPORT for tutorials

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